Platform Spotlight: How Swrve Boosts Monetization in Mobile Games

When Swrve was founded in 2011, we were a choice solution for mobile games. Years later, Swrve is consistently relied on for our highly scalable games-friendly analytics, A/B testing, marketing, and engagement capabilities by major industry titans. EA, Playrix, and Warner Brothers are among many customers that see consistent and positive success topping the leaderboard with exciting new results from campaigns with Swrve. And now we’re sharing some of our secrets at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco this March. 

The Swrve platform was built to handle it all: the high points of first time user experience, the immediacy and excitement around messaging new levels, power-ups, boosts, and challenges, the frequency and recency that most players exhibit at each stage of the customer journey—all at a global, enterprise scale. 

There are five distinct campaigns that work to reduce player churn, optimize experiences, and boost in-app purchases revenue; all that are run regularly in the Swrve platform. They’re all made possible through the following capabilities:

Advanced Targeting and Triggering

Swrve can target and trigger with 1:1 precision in real time at large scale. That means that when a games customer needs to welcome a new user to their app, and give them an onboarding experience (that, in many cases, doubles as a tutorial), they can use Swrve to easily tailor these messaging experiences to new users in real time. Swrve’s unique Facebook integration enables ad-to-app continuity that improves a player’s FTUE with minimal dev effort.

This real-time targeting is based on deep behavioral data, so when a new user enters the app, Swrve instantly recognizes this and delivers messaging. Plus, it’s set-it-and-forget-it in nature; once a team creates this “new user” segment in the Swrve platform, they can rest assured that this experience will run consistent with the onboarding campaigns they’re connected to. 

Powerful A/B Testing

For mobile games, poor first impressions usually put an end to continued engagement. One of the gaming industry’s greatest challenges is that on average, Day 1 retention* is just 34%. Swrve’s A/B testing allows mobile games to test as many as 99 UX resource variants at a time to reveal number of users who engage, behaviors that follow, and revenue generated by variant. With this capability, games teams can easily optimize messaging, journeys, UI/UX elements are more to help them nail that first impression, and every impression after that. 

Deep and Reliable Analytics

Who are your casual gamers? Your VIPs? Your lapsing users? Swrve processes over 14 billion data points per day, keeping brands aware of the engagement happening with their customers across devices. Our platform’s live, self-updating audiences are segmented by the parameters games brands set for their business objectives, meaning customers instantly fall into the engagement category that best suits them in real time. Plus, it’s all easy to see and track in Swrve, as we provide a fully centralized view of campaigns, clear and simple KPI dashboards, and event-level performance details in the platform. This is especially important for games brands that rely on tailored engagement to keep their messaging relevant. Which brings me to our next point…

Real-time Relevance at Scale

A hyper-personalized approach to messaging mobile games customers throughout their journey with a brand goes a long way for monetization. Building active campaigns in Swrve allows brands to present players with clear motivations for spending their money exactly when and where they’re most likely to engage. Teams can trigger messaging based on events that happen in real time, like when a new level is unlocked, or when a new package is available in the app. They can deliver messaging that’s based on individual behaviors, interests, and the recency and frequency of their gameplay, making it easy to invite lapsing users back to try a new feature, or engaged users to level up with a new experience they haven’t tried before (that would be relevant to them). All of this, and more, can be executed on a global scale.

Seize the Play

We enjoy working with the world’s leading games developers and games businesses for stronger, more impactful engagement across campaigns. We continue to develop campaigns that significantly move the needle on the numbers that matter in gaming. And now we’re sharing some of our insights at Game Developer Conference, happening in just a few weeks. We will be releasing The 2019 Monetization Report very shortly, let us know if you’d like a copy. Stop by to visit with Swrve mobile experts at GDC this year, booth #1656.