Whitepaper: The Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Platforms

In 2018 more traffic has flowed through mobile apps than through mobile and desktop internet combined. And this growth shows no signs of slowing.

Which means, if you haven’t already, it’s time to figure out what your marketing strategy is on mobile, which amounts to more than simply building an app. It means understanding your options when it comes to marketing your app through mobile channels and beyond.

Both your analytics and actions should be extended across multiple channels, including the ones on mobile. But also on email, we push and interactive TV - because the best campaigns are integrated across the channels where users are present.

These techniques are front and center when it comes to ensuring a mobile and multi-channel strategy delivers long-term value and ROI. And for that reason, more and more organizations are looking to invest in this area.

This whitepaper will help you do that with confidence. Covering everything in detail from questions to ask your provider, to the processes you will want to implement with the platform.

You can download the guide here.