The Future of Video, OTT, and Digital Media: Are You Ready?

Just ten years ago, things were different. Television and film viewers didn’t have as many choices, the route to accessing content was linear and straightforward, and the leaders in the space sat comfortably where they were. And sure, entertainment and media companies had their fair share of concerns—but customer loyalty was not one of them. Fast-forward a decade, and today’s streaming service consumers are at the helm of the ship; many are more than happy to switch to other providers for better prices, more alluring content, or a more convenient user experience.

That means streaming services need to do a lot more to engage and retain their audiences to their brand, and increase lifetime subscriber value as a result.

If you’re interested in this, then I hope you’re looking forward to this year’s Future of Video OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media 2018 events. Swrve Chief Strategy Officer Barry Nolan will join their Acquisition and Retention Panel to share data-driven insights and best practices for maximizing your acquisition spend and enhancing subscriber experiences across channels. In his presentation, he’ll explore the following:

  • The importance of testing messaging. When one streaming service used Swrve to test whether or not reducing the price of their packages was the best response to churn, they yielded some really surprising results.
  • The relevance gap. There’s a lot to gain from taking individual interests, preferences, and goals into consideration when building and sending campaigns.
  • Even basic changes to engagement can help. With even small changes to their approach to messaging, streaming services have seen significant uplifts in retention and LTV.

Mayweather vs McGregor example

So if you’re not already signed up, it’s within your best interests to join senior leaders in media and entertainment there. Nolan and others are all set to share insight on new trends, tools, and strategies for capturing market share in this industry, with a specific look at consumer behaviors and the expectations associated with churn. It’s all happening from December 10-12 in Marina Del Ray, California. This year’s attendee list includes decision makers at Google, CBS Interactive, Viacom, Amazon, Sling TV, DISH, and more.

Register here to get your pass.

And if you can’t attend this one, no worries—one of our reps can get you all caught up on what was talked about in a quick call after the event. Just contact us here and we’ll make it happen.