winning the moment how much is it worth a swrve roi guide

We’ve been talking a lot recently about ‘winning the moment’, and more specifically how that moment can have a significant impact on your brand's levels of engagement, retention and (here comes the good bit) ROI.

But what are moments? And what do we mean when we talk about winning them?

What are ‘moments’? And why should you win them?

We all know by now that marketing has changed, and is almost unrecognizable to the marketing we knew in the days of print, or even in TV and radio. What used to be a slow process - a mish-mash and humdrum of moving parts all coming together - is now a fast-paced process focused highly relevant, individual customer experiences at scale. Not only that, but the landscape is different now too, with most of our time spent looking at a screen about five inches across, it’s imperative that brands get their communications inline with the parameters of that single most personal and ubiquitous device; the smartphone.

Your audience check their mobile device over 100 times a day. We know that too, but the question that remains is this:

How do I talk to people in this new environment, and how do I be there when it matters?

This whitepaper will answer that question and more. Analyzing over a dozen real-life campaigns, we draw conclusions about what ROI marketers can expect from their campaigns.

You can download the whitepaper here.