Yapo.cl Triples Mobile Engagement, Sells 8,000 More Ad Spaces, and Reduces Churn

Yapo.cl relies on Swrve to establish trust and inspire app user activity on mobile.

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About Yapo

Yapo.cl is a free classified ads website headquartered in Chile. Their mission is to create perfect matches between buyers and sellers and help them to buy and sell goods and services within their region in a simple, practical way.


Yapo.cl needed a new way to highlight the unique value of their app and retain more users. To achieve this, the Yapo team needed to deliver on the needs of buyers (high-quality goods and services) and sellers (prime exposure and value for their investment) with a real-time, hyper relevant 1:1 approach to engagement.

By implementing a solution that could process and segment billions of customer actions in real time, apps like Yapo can scale 1:1 communications across millions with confidence and refine their engagement to meet and exceed their goals.


Swrve’s enterprise-grade triggering and targeting work to create dynamic user journeys that deeply refine the accuracy and precision of relevant messaging at scale. This would allow Yapo to scale hyper personalized messages across their entire user base, increasing KPIs like retention, monthly active users (MAU), and revenue.

With Swrve, Yapo could deliver the onboarding, personalization, and real-time, hyper relevant engagement needed to foster LTV and long-lasting increases in activity and buyer/seller loyalty.


The Results

With Swrve, Yapo has driven tremendous measurable business value with real-time relevance. Their use of Swrve’s triggering, targeting, and engaging the right users with optimal send-time delivery has produced amazing lifts in revenue and app user loyalty.  Yapo and Swrve successes include:

  • Over 8,000 more paid ad spaces sold within months of campaign deployment 
  • The tripling of their mobile engagement 
  • Exciting increases in onboarding completion, MAUs, and more
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