Swrve Service Descriptions

This page includes descriptions of Professional Services & Training provided by Swrve New Media Inc. (“Swrve”) to its customer (“Customer”) as described in Swrve’s Commercial Terms or other written agreement referring to these service descriptions. These services are provided according to Swrve’s Terms of Service available at https://www.swrve.com/company/terms-of-service


Each Swrve Customer receives product onboarding and training through Swrve’s Onboarding services. 

Onboarding support will guide Customer's team as they integrate Swrve into one app. The Onboarding is led by a Swrve Onboarding Manager and a Swrve Mobile Integration Engineer. Swrve Onboarding consists of the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Project Kick-Off
  • Phase 2: Planning Session
  • Phase 3: Technical Integration, Support, QA
  • Phase 4: Training
  • Phase 5: Marketing Services Delivery (if applicable, based on a SOW)

The scope and timing of Onboarding will be documented in a project plan and provided to Customer in writing after the Project Kick-Off call. All services will be performed remotely at Swrve offices with Customer via videoconference, unless otherwise agreed or specified in the service description.

Onboarding Delivery

Each Onboarding begins on the subscription Effective Date specified in the Swrve Commercial Terms and ends at the end of the Delivery Period. If it is necessary to delay Onboarding, Customer and Swrve must mutually agree on a revised Onboarding Start Date by email. Onboarding may be delayed up to 90 days from the Effective Date with Swrve’s approval.

Each Onboarding project will be assigned a Swrve Onboarding Manager. The Onboarding Manager will act as the Project Manager for the service and will pull in other Swrve experts as needed, which typically include a Swrve Mobile Implementation Engineer and a Swrve Campaign Specialist.

If the Service is completed before the Delivery Period ends, the Swrve Onboarding Manager will still be available to answer questions for the duration of the Delivery Period. If Customer requires additional support from the Swrve Onboarding Manager additional services can be purchased at Swrve’s standard rates or at an agreed upon fee.

Online Product Documentation and Video Tutorials

All customers with Success Packages will have continuous online access to product documentation, technical documentation, best practices, FAQs and video tutorials at http://docs.swrve.com/.

Ticket Support and Support Portal

Customers should submit technical support & product questions to Swrve’s support team by sending an email to support@swrve.com. After submission, an email will be sent confirming the receipt of the question, and this creates a Support Ticket. Swrve’s support team will respond directly to each Support Ticket, via email, to help customers with their requests. Customers can review the status of their Support Tickets at any time by going to http://support.swrve.com/requests.

Phone Support

Phone Support provides an additional channel of support to help more effectively identify and resolve technical issues. Support will be provided via direct-dial or webex during relevant business hours (see Business Hours Support).

Business Hours Support

Our technical support team will respond to Support Tickets according to the following regional business hours:

  • Regional - West Coast Europe: 9:00am - 6:00pm London Time, Monday-Friday
  • Regional - West Coast North America: 9:00am - 6:00pm San Francisco Time, Monday-Friday
  • Global - European and American: 9.00am UTC - 2.00am UTC, Monday-Friday 

The above times exclude local holidays. Questions submitted outside of these hours will be answered by the next time slot.

Named Technical Services Engineer

Customers that choose the Enterprise Success Package will be assigned a dedicated Technical Support Engineer to handle their Support Tickets. The assigned contact will be a senior member of the Swrve’s Technical Support Team and will act as Customer’s single point of contact to manage all Support Tickets.

Priority Ticket Routing

For Customers that choose the Enterprise Success Package, or purchase the Priority Ticket Routing add-on, tickets will be answered before customer tickets submitted by customers on Standard and Premier packages.

24x7 Critical Support (Enterprise Support Only)

Customers who choose the Enterprise Success Package, can submit critical issues to Swrve’s technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An issue is considered critical when Swrve services are unavailable or unusable, with no reasonable workaround.

To submit a critical issue, send an email to support­-severity1@swrve.com. This will page Swrve’s global support team. Swrve will acknowledge the issue within 60 minutes and will immediately begin work to resolve it. The support­-severity1@swrve.com email can only be used for critical issues.

When critical issues are submitted by Customers that have chosen a Success Package other than the Enterprise Success Package, Swrve’s global support team will not be paged and the request will be handled according to Swrve’s standard service levels.

Professional Services

Each Swrve customer can engage with Swrve’s Professional Services team for an enhanced level of support beyond onboarding and technical support.

Managed Swrve SDK Integration

This service provides managed integration of the Swrve SDK into a Customer app.  This service must be purchased in conjunction with a Swrve, and includes:

  • One (1) codebase orientation call, with Customer’s engineering team, to review Customer’s codebase, development and test environment
  • Implementation of one (1) instrumentation specification into Customer’s app
  • One (1) code review session, with Customer’s engineering team, to review code changes required by instrumentation specification.

Work completed as part of this service is limited to the instrumentation specification and will be limited to a maximum of forty (40) hours of engineering effort. Customer must also grant Swrve access to their codebase and agree to codebase orientation call and code review session.

Data Migration Assistance

Data Migration Assistance provides expert help to transfer business critical data from another data source to Swrve.  Led by a Swrve Mobile Integration Engineer, Data Migration Assistance includes:

  • One (1) pre-migration assessment to scope the data migration project. During this assessment Swrve will meet with Customer and determine if the migration is feasible, how long the migration will take and what human and technology resources are required.
  • Author (1) Data Migration Plan that will include:
    • Dictionary to define what data will (and won’t) be migrated and its schema;
    • Mapping to define data sources and destinations;
    • Volume metrics to define how much data will be transferred;
    • List of tools required to complete transfer;
    • Expected additional cost (if any) to complete migration; and
    • Quality assurance plan to confirm data has been migrated correctly.
    • Complete (1) Data Migration Plan
  • One (1) post-migration meeting to review migration results

Swrve will make reasonable effort to migrate Customer data, however, in some cases, additional costs will be required to migrate large or overly complex data sets. The assigned Swrve Mobile Integration Engineer will communicate what data can be migrated during Customer’s pre-migration assessment and all additional fees will be documented in the Data Migration Plan.

Swrve Premium Analytics

Swrve Premium Analytics provides a Managed Data Science stack to empower and guide Customer’s analytics team to reach the most valuable insights. The Swrve Premium Analytics service includes:

  • Data warehouse, updated hourly with Customer’s Swrve Event, User and Campaign Data
  • Web interface, that gives Customer SQL level access to all of its data
  • Access to a Swrve Data Scientist for up to twenty (20) hours per month to perform tasks such as: query implementation, reporting building, behavioral modeling, and the like.

Data warehouse includes 160GB of storage. A Data Overage Fee of $250 per month will apply for each additional block of 160GB over the included 160GB. Customer is responsible for managing monthly Data Science hours. Unused hours will not roll over to next month.


The following terms  to the services above:

  • Descriptions - Swrve may periodically update the descriptions of Professional Services and Success Packages on this page.
  • Personnel - Swrve may choose to change the personnel assigned to a customer account or the delivery of Professional Services any time, for any reason.
  • Location - All Professional Services will be performed remotely at Swrve offices, unless otherwise agreed or specified in the service description.
  • Expenses - For Professional Services performed onsite, Customer will reimburse Swrve reasonable travel costs and other direct  expenses incurred in connection to the provision of the Professional Services.
  • Expiration - All Professional Services expire on the earlier of either (a) the period documented for the specific service above as “Expiration Period” or (b) the end of the Customer’s agreement with us.
  • Refund - Professional Services are non-cancellable and all fees for Professional Services are non-refundable.
  • Deliverables - Swrve Professional Services are generally provided on a time and materials basis, however if a Professional Service  includes deliverables in the applicable Statement of Work, Swrve expects that those deliverables will be completed in the period documented as “Delivery Period” for such service. If Swrve cannot complete such deliverables because of missing resources, technical limitations or other items we need from the Customer, the Professional Services will be considered complete as is. If Swrve cannot complete such deliverables because of missing resources, technical limitations or other items, the customer needs from Swrve, we will extend the Delivery Period to allow completion of the Professional Service.

If you have any questions about these services please send it to support@swrve.com.  

These service descriptions were last updated: November 6th, 2020.