The QuickStart program is designed to get Swrve customers seeing real value from the platform within weeks. We work alongside your team to integrate the platform across all relevant channels and get campaigns live - fast!

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Understanding Your KPIs

It starts with making sure we’re aligned with your business objectives. When we understand exactly which metrics you’re looking to move, we can optimise the implementation to ensure we’re set up to deliver the results you want. It means every step we take gets you closer to the destination.

Operational Readiness

We ensure that 100% of new customers are delivering live campaigns within 60 days. From the moment the contract is signed our customer success team will work to ensure that the Swrve platform is integrated across whichever channels you care about, collecting the data you need, and ready to deliver whichever campaigns are right for your business.

Building Out Campaigns

It’s not just about technical integration. The QuickStart program involves a deep look at each individual customer’s business challenges, and we share successful approaches to some of those challenges that we’ve seen work before. From onboarding through engagement and monetization, we’re ready to deliver real ROI on your project.

The Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Team works alongside every customer to ensure they receive the best possible value from the Swrve platform. With a huge range of experience across multiple verticals, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re ready to share that knowledge and get customers off to the best possible start!