Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems on the market, with over 150,000 organizations worldwide using the platform to power their sales and marketing. The software enables businesses to measure the success of their marketing campaigns and automate customer journeys to convert more leads and drive revenue. You can have complete visibility of your customer relationships by tracking every interaction they have with your brand from the initial contact onwards. From this, you can better understand what your customers want and continue optimizing your pipeline.

While Salesforce is powerful on its own, integrations with other platforms can significantly enhance the platform's value, allowing you to accumulate more data and trigger actions between tools you are already using. Salesforce has over 2,500 integrations and applications that add more functionality to the platform and promote process automation.

Of course, this many integrations can make it challenging to choose the right ones for your business. Here we’ve created our top picks so you can unlock the full potential of Salesforce.

ActiveCampaign: Best Customer Experience Integration

ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform for customer experience automation. The platform combines email marketing, CRM, sales, and marketing automation capabilities to provide a 360-degree view of the customer journey and create a connected customer experience.

Connecting ActiveCampaign and Salesforce enables businesses to curate automated 1:1 experiences across all channels and throughout the customer lifecycle. Data updates in real-time in both platforms, so leads and contacts will automatically sync between the two. You can also send Salesforce contacts and leads into your marketing email automation flows and track how prospects engage with your messages.

Swrve: Best Mobile App Integration

Swrve is the world’s leading CX engagement vendor that helps brands across the globe connect with their mobile-first customers and build lasting, meaningful relationships. Swrve’s goal is simple: to help brands understand every user, anticipate their needs, and interact in the right moment, with the right message, in the right channel. And all via their world-class team and enterprise-grade technology.

Swrve's powerful platform and APIs help brands to create interactions and experiences that are highly personal, contextual, and relevant to each customer. The data-driven engagement platform facilitates apps to create cross-channel experiences using push notifications, in-app messaging, and embedded experiences, all with advanced A/B testing capabilities for optimal results.

Integrating with Salesforce gives brands bi-directional data flow to create and deliver dynamic, contextual experiences triggered by data sources across the entire tech stack. This powers brands to drive app engagement, retention, and revenue by engaging users on their terms with hyper-personalized campaigns.

Pardot: Best B2B Marketing Integration

Pardot is a native Salesforce automation and lead generation tool. It adds B2B marketing automation to the platform, including targeted email campaigns, lead nurturing, and ROI reporting. Users can track prospects, apply scoring based on parameters, and prioritize their top leads.

By integrating Pardot with Salesforce, you can share more actionable data between the two platforms to understand your audience better while delivering strong marketing communications in the process. This integration allows teams to access all the data they need to effectively interact with leads, increasing their chances of landing those inbound conversions. 

Mailchimp: Best Email Marketing Integration

Mailchimp, recently named one of the best global software companies of 2021 by G2, is a marketing platform centered on automating marketing communications and email campaigns. With Mailchimp’s templates and AI creative assistant, non-technical teams can easily use the technology to generate elaborate designs.

While the user interface is simple, it still has the capabilities to create complex campaigns and obtain in-depth data. Mailchimp gathers analytics and data with recommendations on how to optimize processes.

By connecting the Salesforce integration, you can quickly pass your sales leads and contacts to Mailchimp and target them with specialized email content. Users can upload subscribers and create email campaigns from Salesforce leads, synchronize audience segments, and view campaign activity and reports in Salesforce.

Hubspot: Best CRM Integration

HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM and marketing platform that helps businesses execute, manage and measure all of their inbound marketing activities. HubSpot uses the information from all your online activities and provides you with data to drive your future campaigns and activities. Sales and marketing teams can collaborate more effectively, generating more leads and driving ROI.

The HubSpot-Salesforce integration allows you to sync data seamlessly and maintain consistency between your marketing and sales teams. You can automatically send lead data like email opens, form submissions, lead scores, and website activity. From this, sales teams can prioritize their outreach, build more meaningful relationships, and close more deals. You can use details from Salesforce to personalize marketing emails, segment your database, or send emails on behalf of a lead’s sales rep. As sales reps close leads, Salesforce sends revenue data from closed-won opportunities to HubSpot to tie each marketing campaign to real revenue.

Marketo: Best Marketing Automation Integration

Marketo is a robust and customizable marketing automation platform that allows users to create and scale automated marketing campaigns across channels. Every customer journey can be customized based on collected data, and each campaign is tracked for efficiency.

The Marketo-Salesforce integration helps sales teams to identify and focus on the opportunities that drive revenue. Functionality includes ranking customers by how likely they are to exhibit a certain behavior, lead scoring that indicates which opportunities you should prioritize, and mapping a Marketo program to a Salesforce campaign. Once integrated, the dashboard reveals the most promising leads, tracks behavior with buying intent, and turns insight into action by sending emails from within Salesforce. 

Final Thoughts

Connecting integrations that add valuable features and new capabilities to your marketing strategy is the best way to get the most out of your Salesforce experience. Synching your tech stack is all about finding paths to understand and connect better with your customers and prospects.

To discover how Swrve can upgrade your Salesforce experience and transform how you engage your mobile app customers, reach out to us for more information. We guarantee that our app messaging platform can help you connect with your app users, build better relationships, and grow your business.

Netgear uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud but struggled to increase customer engagement and develop a real-time approach to mobile. It needed a scalable solution to engage and inspire actions across customers’ individual journeys with the brand.

It needed a solution to deliver better, not more, real-time experiences across channels. By implementing Swrve’s mobile marketing solution that could process and segment billions of data points, Netgear could finally create, send and optimize rich, 1:1 mobile experiences directly within Journey Builder, resulting in a complete omnichannel experience. 

Netgear met and exceeded its goal of increasing new upsell revenue and enjoyed a 170% increase in mobile engagement within just 40 days of delivering real-time relevance with Swrve. Read the full case study.